Slovenia - Triglav

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Introduction :

Triglav lies at the heart of the Triglav National Park in the north western corner of Slovenia. The lower slopes are forested with beech, climb through these and you arrive at beautiful alpine meadows, above these and the dwarf pine there is barren rock and late lying snow. Go late june, early july and the huts should be open and all but the highest trails clear of snow.

Routes :

See route description in summit account and virtual tour.

Alternatively, there are many other routes to the summit of Triglav, including those with significantly less height climb. These involve passing through the town of Mojstrana (to the north-east) using a hire car or taxi to reach the Aljazev Dom or Krma Valley.

Getting there and away :

Low cost airlines fly to Brnik (Ljubljana's / Slovenia's airport), but depending on the transport for your ongoing journey, it may be more convienent to fly to Klagengfurt (Austria), Triest (Italy), or Rijeka (Croatia). Most car hire companies will alow you to take a car from these airports into Slovenia, alternatively take a coach or train to the nearest town to the trail head.

From Brink airport hire a car or if using public transport take a bus to Kranj (15mins) and change there to take another bus or train on towards the Julian Alps. If a bus to Kranj is not available, it may be quicker to travel by bus to Ljubljana (45 mins) which is the main transport hub. From the city, it should easy to double back on oneself to Bohinjska Bistrica or else where in the Julian Alps. Check out timetables to and from Ljubljana bus station. Local buses run the route from Bohinjska Bistrica to the trail head at Savica.

Accommodation :

There is a good range of accommodation in and around the Triglav National Park.

Camping - There are campsites in Bled and at the western end of Lake Bohinj. Camping outside of official campsites is not permitted in the National Park.
Mountain Huts - There are over 35 huts (Planinska Koca, or Dom) within the National Park spaced at about 3 to 5 hour walking distance apart. Refreshments can be purchased and overnight accommodation and basic meal provided. Show proof of membership to an UIAA affiliated mountaineering organisation such at the BMC (British Mountaineering Council) and you will be given a discount on accommodation.
Youth Hostels - There is an IYHF affiliated hostel in Bled. Visit for further information.
Hotels and Rooms in Private Houses - These are plentiful. Visit for further information.

Maps and Books :

OpenStreetMaps shows the ascent routes.

Triglav National Park Kartografija publish a good 1:25,000 map of the Triglav on a lightweight and waterproof material.
Walking The Julian Alps of Slovenia Cicerone Press' "Walking The Julian Alps of Slovenia" by Justi Carey & Roy Clark (ISBN 9781852847098) covers many treks in the Triglav area and provides excellent information.
Lonely Planet, Slovenia Lonely Planet's "Slovenia" (ISBN 186450160X) is a great book with plenty of background information on the country and features on trekking in the Triglav National Park..