Aukštojas Kalnas, Lithuania.

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Aukštojas Kalnas

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Introduction :

Former highpoint Juozapine Kalnas Former highpoint Juozapine Kalnas.
Every so often highpoints are re-measured and new ones found. For many years it had been assumed that Juozapine Kalnas in the Medininkai Highlands was Lithuania's highest point at 292.7m. However it appears that this was incorrect. In 2004 a surveying team from the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University measured a nearby hilltop and found it to be 293.84m. This new high point was but half a kilometre from Juozapine Kalnas, yet to rub salt into the wounds, Juozapine Kalnas did not become the second highest point, no, that claim has gone to Kruopine hill (293.65m) some 10km west.

At the time of the 2004 survey, the 293.84m hilltop did not have has a name, so the Lithuanians set about finding one. A competition was held, Aukštojas / Aukštejas, the name of the ancient god of creation from Lithuanian mythology was chosen, and inscribed on a rock similar (if not a little smaller) to that which had been placed on Juozapine's proud summit. The new name became official on November 18th 2005.

Maps and Books :

OpenStreetMaps shows the ascent routes.

Info board map There a number of information boards in the area of Aukštojas, which contain maps of the area, reproduced here. North is to the top of the map.