Haltiatunturi, aerial view.


Finland - Halti / Haltiatunturi

, 1324m - 1328m - Info

Introduction :

Determining a nation's high point can sometimes be different from that nation's highest mountain. Sometimes different heights are given on maps and in books. This is certainly the case for Finland.

The highest point in Finland lies on a spur of a fell (hill) called Ráisduattarháldi the summit of which lies approximately a kilometre into Norway. Ráisduattarháldi is 1,365m high (1361m on some maps), the highest point on the spur in Finland is called Halti aka Haltiatunturi, and is listed in various sources as being between 1324m and 1328m above sea level.

The name Haltiatunturi is derived from Halti (Háldi in Sámi) and tunturi meaning fell.

The highest mountain, its peak being in Finland, is Ridnitšohkka, at 1,316m, and lies a few kilometres to the south east.

Maps :


Open Street Maps may be the better source.

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