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Explore the Triglav from the comfort of your computer, tablet, smart phone with this virtual reality mountain tour of Slovenia's highest mountain. The tour supports Google Cardboard and other VR devices for your gyroscope enabled smartphone.

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Valley of the Triglav Lakes:

The hike to Triglav is best done over two or more days. Starting from Koča pri Savici (Mountain Hut by Savici) and heading up as least as far as the Koča pri Triglavskih Jezerih (Mountain Hut of by the Triglav Lakes) is a good move. The initial climb is step, but a early start will ensure arrival by lunch time or a little later. Continuing on to a higher hut if the weather is good and daylight allows would also be a smart move.Expand article

A trek through the Valley of the Triglav Lakes takes the hiker from beach forest, meadows, shrub, and dwarf pine. It's truly beautiful, especially in spring and early summer when the wild flowers bloom.

Flowers in the Valley
Flowers in the Valley of the Triglav Lakes

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