Greece - Mytikas on Mount Olympus

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Explore Mount Olympus from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smart phone with these virtual reality tour following the two key routes to the summit.

Route one, start from the town of Litochoro and follow the E4 long distance trail alongside the beautiful Enipeas river to the trail head at Prionia. Stop for a drink, or for those short of time, start here and continue on the E4 to Refuge A, before breaking through the tree line and summiting peak of Skala (2866m). From Skala follow the ridge to Mytikas (2918m), and the hieghest of Mount Olympus' 55 summits.

Route two, start from the trail head at Gortsia, and climb through the forest to Refuge C and the S.E.O. Refuge where one typically stays the night before summiting the following day.

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Visting the home of the Gods:

Mount Olympus had been in my to do list for many years, I finaly booked the flights for June 2018. Expand article

My brother and I spent three days on the mountain, though not continuously. We arrived on a Friday afternoon from Thessaloniki by coach into Litochoro the eve of the 15th Olympus Skyline Mountain Marathon. The weekend’s events had brought a party atmosphere to the town, and it also explained why the mountain refuges that night and the following were booked solid. The support teams needed somewhere to stay.

Mount Olympus from Litochoro.
Mount Olympus from Litochoro.

The Saturday morning we hiked the E4 trail from Litochoro up the Enipeas gorge, the route of the marathon’s descent. At 6am the elite athletes had started from the nearby ancient ruins of Dion, only 8m above sea level. By 10am, having completed most of the 44km course, climbed 3,200 vertical metres to reach an altitude of 2780 m, the leading runners we passing us by. So the scene was set for the remainder of the hike to Prionia. Support crews were stationed along the route, providing fuel, refreshment, and first aid. The further we followed the woodland trail on its undulating route, the more runners we encountered. Each time we stepped out of their path, clapped, hi-fived, and cheered with the other walkers and supporters.

Mount Olympus Marathon.
Mount Olympus Skyline marathon runner and support crew.

The Enipeas gorge is vast, but not dramatic. The crossings where wooden bridges spanned the invitingly crystal clear waters of the Enipeas river were the most attractive sections. These bridges became more frequent the higher we climbed. Nearing lunch time a strange intermittent whistling echoed the across the slopes, what was this sound? Was someone in distress? Approaching a support station below a huge overhanging cliff, the mystery was solved. A supporter from the crew was blowing enthusiastically on a whistle every time a runner arrived. Here the chapel of Saint Dionysios had been built centuries before in a cave to the rear, and now devoted runners would pause and kiss the chapel’s white washed walls or light a candle on the table set before it. A drink of water, an energy gel or snack, and they would be off again, soul renewed.

Bridge over the Enipeas.
Bridge over the Enipeas river.

Chapel of Saint Dionysios.
Chapel of Saint Dionysios.
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