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Midžor (Миџор), lies in the Balkan Mountains, known locally as the Stari Planina (Стара планина) or Old Mountains. These hills are a natural border between Serbia and Bulgaria, and are an extension of the Carpathian mountain range from which it is separated by the Danube River. They are made of a dark red sandstone, similar to that found in the central areas of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales.

Explore the Midžor from the comfort of your computer, tablet, smart phone with this virtual reality mountain tour of Serbia's highest mountain. The tour supports Google Cardboard and other VR devices for your gyroscope enabled smartphone.

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Stari Planina
Start from Topli Do.
Start from Babin Zub ski centre.
Start from Midžor
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Hiking Midžor:

I hope you enjoy this virtual mountain experience. I created the panoramas using my iPhone during a single trip in August 2013. Expand article

Whilst the easiest routes to the summit starts at Babin Zub, my starting point in the August of 2013 was from the village of Topli Do. Considerably more height must be climbed, but the village of Topli Do itself is worth seeing for it reflects a past rarely seen elsewhere. The buildings are timber frame, filled with red sandstone bricks, clay, and wattle. One then ascends through the meadows, sometimes crossing slopes scrapped clean of vegetation to reveal the red rock beneath, and at all times surrounded by beautiful views. I arrived in Topli Do and began my climb around eleven in the morning, having completed a five hour drive from Novi Sad, Serbia’s second city far in the north. So by the time I began my descent from Midžor towards Babin Zub, the sun was becoming low in the summer sky. On arrival at Babin Zub ski resort I had planned to follow the crest of a spur down back down to Topli Do, thus completing a ridge top loop. But the path on the map seemed to have disappeared under the bulldozers developing the ski resort. Instead I took to a forest track that led me safely to my destination, though arriving after dark under the watchful eyes of the residence who sat talking and drinking with their neighbours outside in the warm evening air. Five hours later, I was back in Novi Sad.

Topli Do, Yellow flowers, The summit, Babin Zub.
Topli Do, Yellow flowers, The summit, Babin Zub.

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