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| Opatijska planinarska obilaznica

These tours allow you will be able to explore the Učka Nature Park and visit the HPO's in Croatia's Istria; those on the Učka massif and in the Ćićarija.

The Riječka planinarska obilaznica starts near sea level at Lovran skirting 166km through the mountains back to sea level at Crikvenica In addition to the HPO's, these tours cover other peaks and sections of long distance footpaths including ...

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HPO 10.2 Orljak, Ćićarija, Istria
Start from Račja Vas.
Start from Orljak.
HPO 10.3 Županj Vrh, Ćićarija, Istria
Start from Brgudac.
Start from Kortia.
Start from Pl. Kuća Korita.
Start from Županj Vrh.
HPO 10.4 Veliki Planik, Ćićarija, Istria
Start from Poklon
Start from Veliki Planik.
HPO 10.5 Knezgrad, Učka, Istria
Start from Lovran
Start from Knezgrad
Start from Luzinski Breg
HPO 10.6 Vojak, Učka, Istria
Start from Poklon
Start from Lovran
Start from Vojak
Start from Sedlo
HPO 10.7 Sisol, Učka, Istria
Start from Brseč
Start from Sisol

List of HPOs in Istria:




Žbevnica, Ćićarija1014 mHPO 10.1
Orljak, Ćićarija1106 mHPO 10.2
Županj Vrh, Ćićarija1138 mHPO 10.3
Veliki Planik, Ćićarija1272 mHPO 10.4
Knezgrad, Učka0612 mHPO 10.5
Vojak, Učka1396 mHPO 10.6
Sisol, Učka0835 mHPO 10.7

HPO 10.3 - Županj Vrh (1138 m):

Start / FinishBrgudac
Route TypeFigure of 8s
Distance~7.6 Km
Total Ascent~415 m

The Korita spring, Ćićarija, Istria, Croatia.
VR Logo The Korita spring, Ćićarija, Istria, Croatia.

Županj Vrh in itself is an unimpressive peak, instead the walker's reward is the view southwards from its summit which is relatively easily gained from the hamlet of Brgudac. These views include Planik and the Učka massive, and to be fair, the ascent is not without interest.Expand Icon

Once the steep initial climb from Brgudac to Korita is accomplished, the going is becomes easier. When I hiked this route in 2016, taking the photos for this tour, it was with some delight that my sons and I reached Korita spring beneath Brajkov Vrh (itself formerly an HPO before being moved to Županj Vrh). Here a trickle of water emerges from the rock and is channeled into a trough made from a dug out log. The water flows from this log into another, and into another and another. It is really a rather charming place to rest and a bench set there allows just that. A short walk from the spring is the Planinarska Kuća Korita. It was closed during our visit, but apparently opens at weekends and has room for 30 to sleep. Outside in the shade of tall pine trees we ate lunch at one of the many tables and benches before heading off to "conquer" the mountain.

The Korita spring, Ćićarija, Istria, Croatia.
The route from Brgudac to Županj Vrh, Ćićarija, Istria, Croatia.

I returned to Korita, its spring and mountain hut in the August of 2022 with the intent of walking on through to Planik. A thunderstorm struck unexpectedly early, and I was forced to shelter under the broad porch of the Planinarska Kuća Korita, watching and listening to the heavy rain. It's a sound I rather enjoy, more so when sheltering than when out in it. By the time the storm passed it was too late for my original plan, so instead I made a loop up to the summit of Brajkov Vrh, a pleasant scramble in places, and watched the storm move upon Učka. Expand article

HPO 10.7 - Sisol (835 m) :

Start / FinishBrseč
Route TypeLinear
Distance~8 Km return
Total Ascent~660 m

The hike to the summit of Sisol from Brseč is steep, and in the summer heat, draining. The views on the ascent over the bay are fine, and once the Krševiti Ridge is obtained, you are well rewarded. Expand Icon

A natural stone arch, a window through the ridge crest is the first wonder to be met. It is marked as Provrtenica on the map, but the name does not translate. As an additional bonus the arch lies in the shade of a small wood, so offering a good place for a break.

The natural stone arch near Sisol on the Krševiti ridge.
VR Logo The natural stone arch on the Krševiti ridge, 2013.

Moving on, the second reward is some easy scrambling on sun baked rock. A short distance later the geodetic pillar on the summit is reached. The path continues along the ridge, descending as part of the Istarski Planinarski Put (IPP, Istrian Mountain Path) to Plomin.

The photos used in this tour were taken using an iPhone 4 stitch app, during the summer of 2013 on a hike with my two young sons. Expand article