Vorder Grauspitz from Hinter Grauspitz, Liechtenstein.

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Vorder Grauspitz

, 2599m - Info | VR Tour

Explore the Rhatikon Alps and summit Vorder Grauspitz, highest mountain in Liechtenstein from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smart phone with this virtual reality mountain tour.

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The route begins near the alpine village of Steg on the shore of Gänglesee, and follows an easy track past the dairy farm and restaurant at Valüna, up to the pastures at Valüna Obersäss. Here a series of foot paths and ancient herder tracks deposit the explorer onto the steep scree slopes below the Grauspitz ridge before tackling Hinter Grauspitz and the tricky traverse to Vorder Grauspitz.

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I hope you enjoy this virtual mountain experience, I certainly enjoyed making it. The panoramas were taken on August 13th 2009. Maps of the area are void of a path that takes one to the top of Liechtenstein, which is a real odd thing, but it does make the journey a little more adventurous. Before leaving home, I had read route descriptions on the web, but these focused on an ascent from the Austrian side of Vorder Grauspitz and I wanted to do so from within Liechtenstein. So having left the way-marked paths behind above Valüna Obersäss, I was fortunate to pick up a modest climber’s path to the Grauspitz ridge, and along this to the cross on top of Hinter Grauspitz aka the Schwarzhorn. From there is a steep decent down crumbling rocks to the Grauspitzsattel col. This looked too dangerous for me, so I descended a little by a south facing rib of the Schwarzhorn before tackling the uncharted scree slopes below the Grauspitzsattel. Once the ridge was gained, it was an easy if exposed walk up and along to the summit of Vorder Grauspitz, a mighty 2599m that punches well above it’s weight.